Older and damaged roofs

– Water leakage and damage to the structure.

– Accumulation of mold.

Exterior items

– Water penetration to the walls.

Damage to the structure.

Structural and foundation problem

– More serious in older homes

– Can cause unstable and a leaning structure

Improper and undersized electrical wiring

– Fire hazard and life safety issue.

Deficient and older heating systems

– Insufficient warm air circulation during cold weather

– Lack of hot weather

Plumbing problem and water damage

– Leaking and not adequate water pressure

– Damage to the structure of the property

Improper surface grading and drainage

– High moisture and wet basements

Poor ventilation & insulation

– Unhealthy home environment.

– High humidity and moisture accumulation .

Interior & miscellaneous items

– Uncomfortable home environment.

– Lacking overall safety.

Poor overall basic maintenance

– Lack of overall basic maintenance will result in damage and costly repairs