Protecting your home

We encourage you to attend the inspection. We professionally examine all the properties systems and components and uncover any deficiencies and safety issues. Then investigate them carefully. We will provide you with latest digital report writing evolution and easy understanding of any property deficiencies.

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On exclusive Pre-listing and Pre-purchasing combination inspections.

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This information will help you:

Faster Transation

With your Real-estate agent completing a successful transaction, sales will move quickly and smoothly.

Increase Value

Property repairs and corrections often times are trivial and easy to fix with little cost but will add an increase to your properties value.


Prepare for necessary repairs and make some changes to your home appearance, making it appealing to all potential home buyers.

No Surprises

No last minute surprises about your home condition and reduces the risk of home buyer walking away.

Prevent Deficiencies

Prevent crowded and faulty accusations with numerous deficiencies against your property.

Address & Repair

Any defects and failures of the properties system and components before potential home buyers or their inspector discovers them.