service_photoNew Home Pre-delivery Inspection

This is a smart decision by inspecting the new home prior to taking possession. This is a performance – based inspection. During this inspection process we will look for evidence of non- performance. We make sure all the systems and components of the property are functioning properly. We make a note of any safety concerns and construction errors.


22Seasonal and Preventative Maintenance Inspection

We offer inspecting seasonally all your systems and components of the property every spring or fall. In this inspection, we carefully examine the property from roof to the foundation, lot drainage and grading, roof drainage, and technical equipments. We make sure everything works properly. We provide you with a report with pictures related to any deficiencies, then we recommend you for any repairs, correction and address any safety issues. This inspection prevents the home owner from any last minute surprises of non performances or costly repairs.

Untitled-1New Home Warranty Inspection

This inspection is based on warranty period, presented by Ontario New Home Warranty Program (O.N.H.W.P). These three major inspection listed by Tarion is:

P.D.I (Pre-delivery Inspection) Perform 30- Days period of taking possession of the new property End of first or second year warranty – This inspection examines for certain defects in work and materials A.Seven Years Warranty – for major structural defects Tarion: ensures new home buyers receive the statutory coverage they are entitled to under the Act (O.N.H.W.P). Tarion will intervene if a builder fails to honour their warranty obligation.

dsdWalk Through Inspection

We ask you to attend this inspection. We will walk through the property and carefully examine all system and components of the property. We advise you about any major deficiencies and safety issues. Whether you are a home buyer or seller you will get our benefit of pre-listing or pre-purchasing inspection. This is a fast track inspection and we do not provide a full inspection report, as a result our fee will only cost you half of our original inspection price.

Untitled-1Newly Built Residential Home – During construction inspection

This inspection specially works with newly costume and large residual project. Clients provide us with clear details about their construction contract. Then we set up inspections scheduled to visit the site step by step during the multistage inspection. We ensure the contract process meets our expectation and contractors reach their obligations according to standards with correct works and using right and good quality materials.

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